Doubling Down: 2 Altcoins to keep on your Radar

This article recaps our thesis on two projects we are extremely bullish on both short and long-term. We have covered both projects in detail and their current prices bring about a strong risk-to-reward scenario.

Fantom (FTM)

For our most recent FTM article check out our “Emerging Trends” series [here]. Within the article we link our initial covering of the network as well. We also discuss our theory on value investing and why it is our favorite strategy for the crypto market.  FTM finds itself nearly 80% from the all-time-high, yet it has the highest percentage of circulating supply tokens of any popular layer-1 network. The reason this is important is because it has less to release through rewards to then be dumped on the market, reducing price. FTM also has an attractive total-value-locked to market cap ratio.

I have been dollar-cost averaging FTM for a while, I did sell its pump a few months ago but started rebuying the token around the 1-1.20 range, seeing it at 75 cents is a major discount value investment wise. The reason the token is 75 cents is essentially FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt). FTM had a massive buyer who was leveraging the token on one of their decentralized applications, causing panic of a massive liquidation on chain, this is my favorite type of FUD to buy into. You are safe from this if you temporarily hold FTM off chain on Kucoin or another exchange.

Nothing fundamental has changed about the project, the team is strong, the network is functioning, it has popularity for developers because the incentives are so great. We like Fantom because it is emerging as a dominant force in the decentralized finance space. Many developers are building applications on Fantom because Fantom holds massive fund raises for ecosystem development where investors bring cash to the table. Since Fantom is fast and cheap it is also ideal for games and NFTs in the future.

Active wallet addresses for FTM are growing at an astonishing rate, this is a major indicator that the chain is popular despite price action. FTM also recently added a burning mechanism similar to Ethereum EIP-1559 which burns a portion of network fees from existence, this lowers the circulating supply. Combine all of this data with our other 2 FTM writings and this paints a picture we like to see. A beaten token that we already liked, having 2 FUD events back-to-back with the founder leaving a few months ago and the whale liquidation FUD. This gives us the entry prices we have been dreaming for. FTM even reaching half of its all-time-high is over a 100% gain if you were to buy at ~75 cents.

What altcoins to buy May FTM GLMR

Moonbeam (GLMR)

The second token we are covering is GLMR on the Moonbeam network. Moonbeam is essentially a more functional Ethereum for Polkadot. GLMR is in most of our recent aggressive growth portfolios, for a quick read on the network check out our article [right here]. I bought my larger bag of GLMR between 1.6-2.2 selling around 5$ expecting a large correction and boy did we get one. GLMR is almost 90% from the all-time-high because its launch price was so hefty on day 1. We do not recommend buying into new tokens right when they launch, the tokens usually dump aggressively.

GLMR has been a joy to use on the [Solar Flare] application. Users can buy GLMR on Kucoin, and send the Ethereum compatible GLMR directly to Metamask for dapp(decentralized application) use. When the price of GLMR was rising, MoC and I were farming GLMR/Flare together providing liquidity for the pair netting about 400% APRs.

Interestingly enough, I hold a decent amount of my FTM on the Moon River network which is the rest network for Moonbeam. I am farming 4-year locked Solarbeam tokens and taking the profit directly into an FTM pegged token which expresses the same value. This long and slow version of passive income pays off nicely year after year. As soon as FTM is on Moonbeam itself I will move the funds there since this is the real network. GLMR does not have any FUD events lately other than the overall bearish market sentiment. GLMR can be held instead of DOT in my opinion, and it is far more likely to give those 5-10x gains than Polkadot is. DOT has had pretty disappointing gains the past few months, bleeding on the Ethereum ratio week after week.

GLMR is one of my biggest bets for this year, I predict it breaking a 10 billion dollar market cap by end of year and stand by my thesis. The active addresses are increasing nicely as new applications are built. MoC is in agreement on both of these tokens with his more technical analysis of the chains. Please remember none of this is financial advice, we hope this has been education and informative. Stay safe out there!

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