About Coinbusters

Coinbusters focuses on digital assets otherwise known as “crypto”.

Our mission is to break down the barriers to understanding this new and exciting asset class.

About CoinBusters
CoinBusters is a research and analysis firm focusing on data and market dynamics to assist in understanding the world of cryptocurrency and Web3.

CoinBusters serves as a strategic research and data resource for new investors, experienced advisors, and cryptocurrency projects. Coinbusters offers free educational articles on its blog, content on major news outlets, and specialized consulting.

Meet Our Team

Justin Mckennon
Justin Mckennon
"Master of Coin"

Justin McKennon, "Master of Coin", has BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering and studied Economics and Professional Management at the University of Notre Dame. He has co-authored and published dozens of papers across the fields of computational mathematics and electromagnetic effects. Justin specializes in economics and data analysis across the cryptocurrency space, routinely publishing content on a number of high profile platforms, performing commissioned research for investment advisors, and building out platform utility designs for projects.

Patrick O’Neil
Patrick O’Neil

Patrick is an avid technology and gaming enthusiast. Patrick has been building computers since 2010 and was always fascinated with the gaming market. Patrick holds a degree in Medicine/Psychology, he was also a teaching assistant and tutor for many years. Patrick received a second bachelor’s degree in Nursing. He is now a Nurse Manager at a local hospital, managing 50 employees. In 2019 Patrick moved from Grayscale funds to self-custody, he never looked back.

Utilizing his experience as a lifelong student, Patrick has written several hundred articles focused on digital assets/technology. His experience as a leader has assisted with the creation and management of Coinbusters. Outside of crypto, Patrick is an avid distance runner, enjoys playing guitar, and has a passion for cooking.

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