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CoinBusters is a cryptocurrency educational resource on where to buy cryptocurrency, what cryptocurrency you should buy based on market conditions, and for learning how to trade and invest in cryptocurrency. CoinBusters endeavors to teach readers best practices for how to trade and invest in cryptocurrency safely to reduce risk and learn about cryptocurrency projects like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many other new or up and coming technologies.

CoinBusters aims to be the go-to resource for research, analysis, and project reviews for new and seasoned cryptocurrency investors alike.

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When it comes to investing in the Crypto environment all you hear about is volatility, volatility, volatility. For this reason, many potential investors are discouraged from entering the market despite the tremendous upside this emerging industry offers. But wonder if all that volatility could be hedged by letting trained professionals manage your Crypto investments?

To combat this, the CoinBusters team has partnered with an SEC registered financial advising firm with a storied history in traditional finance. Unlike most investment companies, their licensed financial advisors manage your cryptocurrency accounts in the same way your 401K and stock market investments are handled. The CoinBusters team provides strategic research and data insights to the their team, helping them to formulate a concise plan for every one of their clients. With this partnership you can get the exposure you want to many of the major projects across all of cryptocurrency with the peace of mind knowing that experts are handling all of your transactions. To learn more about managed cryptocurrency services through the CoinBusters crypto partnership please click here for more information. To speak with a registered advisor about possibly managing your Crypto portfolio fill out the following form:

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Near Protocol: A Solana Competitor

Near protocol is in direct competition for developers with the Solana protocol. Near has a similar infrastructure to Solana, and brings high speeds and low costs, providing a great entry environment for enthusiasts and developers alike.
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Portfolio Prime Research

Optimism Deep Dive

This article follows up on our initial Optimism writing. In this prime article we review OP tokenomics along with other metrics to analyze the potential future value of the token.
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Prime Research

Doomed: Outlook on Inflationary Tokens during the Bear

This article emphasizes the effects that token inflation has during times of low demand. The Bear market have already crushed crypto prices, but high inflationary tokens will likely suffer the most.
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Crypto 101 Learn

What is a Crypto Validator?

This article explains what a digital asset validator is, and what incentives are provided to validators for the long-term. Validators are imperative to the operation of many popular networks.
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Two Bitcoin Strategies for Bear Markets

This article explains two strategies for Bitcoin accumulation during the current bear market. Bitcoin accumulation is likely to outperform the sp500 by many multiples for the patient investor.
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BTC as a Vehicle for Renewable Energy Expansion

This writing is a concise summary of the positive effects Bitcoin may have on the expansion of renewable energy technology and infrastructure.
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Whats up with Optimism?

This article explains the hype over Optimism and their new token OP. Optimism is a layer-2 network designed to help increase the efficiency of Ethereum, while maintaining the security Ethereum is famous for.
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