Trading the Narrative (Which Crypto to buy next?)

 At Coinbusters we are passionate about educating the public on crypto. Trading the narrative is a way to speculate on which crypto to buy, The current narrative we are seeing is with Polkadot.

Narrative Trading

One great way to trade in crypto is to find a strong narrative, or direction the market hype is going, and buy into it before it ignites. There are many ways to do this. A great starter article is our writing on Bitcoin dominance [here]. Bitcoin dominance and the cycles involved are the beginning. Cycles let you know when the market is heating up and which type of coin will likely have large inflows of cash. Since we are 99% certain we are in the second leg of the bull market, (lots of money to be made this quarter) we can be almost certain allocations now will bring profit in the coming months. For those of you that have been following along since we launched, and those in our prelaunch signal chat, you know we have been buying dips on strong narratives all year long.

If you understand Bitcoin dominance, you will have noticed that the market capitalization of crypto has steadily risen along with the percentage weight of Bitcoin vs. the market. When Bitcoin dominance rises, the alternative coins usually drop in value as people fear they will miss out (FOMO) and buy into Bitcoin. People generally sell Ethereum and their alt coins to trade into the hype of Bitcoin when the price rises. Once Bitcoin meets some steady resistance (barrier to higher prices) you will notice Bitcoin cools off, and Ethereum and the alt coins pump in price. If the market cap of crypto combined stays the same or goes up, but Bitcoin dominance drops, you know we are approaching what is known as “Alt Season”. Alt season is when the alt coins pump in price and you could likely throw a dart at a chart of alts and make good profits. Trading with narratives is a tool for investors to aide in making an educated bet on which crypto to buy next.

Axie Infinity

The powerful thing about narratives is that as crypto gains mass adoption, some ecosystems and those that are similar will pump regardless of Bitcoin price action. We saw this with Axie infinity. Play to earn gaming in crypto became a massive way to fight the trend when Bitcoin was Bearish (negative sentiment on price action). The next thing that happened was other play to earn games with smaller market caps heavily increased in price, this is how trading the narrative works. If one can identify the Axie pump in price, a strategic bet could be buying similar projects below it in value, instead of chasing the pump, you are in your position early before the hype wave moves downward. I believe Polkadot is about to do what Solana recently did, we just saw Polkdadot, a large cap cryptocurrency pump almost 25% in one day. Part 2 can be located with this link >> [Part 2]

Part 2 of this article will explain my thesis for Polkadot and what narratives are to come. We will never tell you which crypto to buy, but will provide education on building your own thesis, and doing your own research. We will also share our opinions on trends, projects and trading.

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