Speculative Swing Trade on Coinbase 2.8.22 Super

This is an article about a token we have held for a long time. We have been adding to our position more aggressively the past few days. This token provides NFT, NFT marketplace, and gaming exposure in one investment.

Superfarm (SUPER)

Enter Superfarm and the SUPER token, I have staked this token since its inception. By staking SUPER on chain, you collect gems which can in turn be traded for exclusive NFTs. These NFTs can also be traded on Opensea. You do need a fairly large number of tokens to get enough gems in a reasonable timeframe. However, tokens that have a use case such as farming NFTs, tend to increase in value if the demand arises. We bought SUPER back when it was only available on Uniswap, it is now on Coinbase which is massive for influx of buyers, all we need is a catalyst. I believe that catalyst is here, Superfarm has had their game on the roadmap since before launch of their token. “Imposters” aims to be a multiplayer game much like the popular Among Us, with one player set to deceive the rest of the group, the game will have blockchain aspects.

While SUPER is a more speculative play, I largely chose to invest in the token because the founder is EllioTrades, one of my favorite crypto personalities. Ellio teaches users about more risky alt coin crypto strategies and best practices. I have learned a ton from him and have experimented with some of his token picks (with my own research of course) and they tend to do very well. Ellio has spent the last 4 years building this game with passion and hard work. SF chooses to reveal drops and news in the moment and not spend lengthy amounts of time teasing or hyping a product.

SF has an NFT marketplace in the works, with decentralized ownership in mind. Users who own SF NFTs or the SUPER token will have associated perks. SF has also partnered with Sandbox to allow perks for players inside of Sandbox who hold SF NFTs. Since I did not have to buy a character NFT, I was able to farm a few by buying SF early on, my risk is fairly low. The floor for SF NFTs is now over 2 Eth (over 6,000$) so the seemingly pointless gems have a real use case if you can farm enough. I plan on holding these NFTs for a while to see where this plays out. SF has also dropped a second NFT project partnering with another pick of ours Immutable X. High Rise Creature Club was very successful and allowed whitelist spots for SF NFT holders for the original round of characters. These NFTs are available for trade with no horrendous Ethereum gas fees!

Multiple Uses for SUPER

SUPER investors will benefit not only from the price action of the NFTs, but the marketplace will incentivize holders, possibly by fees, like the LOOKs token. SF also is working on a software developer kit. These tools will allow for creation of blockchain games, Ellio and his team have extensive experience in gaming software and development. SF also has a launch pad for new projects, by owning a certain number of SUPER tokens, holders can buy into these projects at their seed round prices. Almost every crypto project pumps at least 20x on these seed round investments. SUPER has found its way onto Binance smart chain and polygon allowing for many scalable gaming opportunities in the future. SF has also partnered with a few NFT launches and given guidance to those projects as professional advisors.


This is not a normal thesis round; I have held SUPER through dips and uptrends and the like. My thesis is rather speculative since the products are not live. Ellio has his reputation on the line with this project and my opinion is that he will take these launches very seriously. With Bitcoin on the uptrend, dropping a much-awaited teaser for the game would be perfect timing. SUPER is nearly 80% from the all-time-high, the upside is enormous. You have to wonder why Coinbase allowed the token on their platform, they must have been shown either the marketplace or game teases to allow this. This thesis is for a potential swing trade opportunity. My bet is that Super will pump well over 2$ with this game tease, an easy almost 4x since we bought the .6 dip heavily. Crypto markets do not behave like stocks, you can never underestimate the power of hype and a community. And Ellio has one of the most knowledgeable and dedicated crypto communities I have found. My specialty is market sentiment and psychology, I am personally invested in this bet, for transparency. Much of the initial token allocation unlocks are completed for the non-seed round. Team allocations cannot be sold for 1 full year, they cannot dump on the market until March. This seems like the perfect time to take a small speculative play at the NFT and gaming market hype. Let’s see how this plays out! Please remember none of this is financial advice, just some of the moves I am doing in the market, along with my thesis. Do your own research, and stay safe out there!

Patrick O’Neil

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Patrick is an avid technology and gaming enthusiast. Patrick taught himself how to assemble computers in 2010 and was always fascinated with the gaming market. In 2019 he decided to sell his grayscale Ethereum funds and dive into the world of crypto firsthand. 

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