Ultra IO Updates: Is Steam Doomed?

This article reviews a few major updates to the Ultra platform. Ultra is aims to compete with steam in the gaming industry with the added functionality of blockchain integration.

Ultra Recap

For an in-depth discussion regarding Ultra check out our article [here]. Our previous article contains prime content for our dedicated subscribers. We will keep this article available for all to read, providing another opportunity to learn about this potentially powerful gaming ecosystem. Ultra is a gaming platform that aims to list games for sale within the platform. Ultra has NFT integration which provides perks for early speculators.

Ultra also has software developer kits that make it easier for users to integrate blockchain into their games. Within the application, users will be able to access games, a crypto wallet, a digital asset marketplace, tournament setups and live streaming [1]. Within the application users can trade their UOS tokens to buy the early NFTs. Many of these NFTs will provide future VIP utility and perks as the platform grows. The NFTs are conveniently stored within the wallet, they can also be traded and sold at any time.

Ultra has a reward program that incentivizes users to bring their friends to the application. Streamers and influences can promote Ultra to receive rewards as well. Ultra carries about 1/3 the distribution fee of Steam, Google or Apple allowing developers to use their money on building.

The Ultra Marketplace is Live

A recent update on August 29th officially launched the Ultra marketplace. After testing with 1800 beta users including myself, Ultra took community feedback and adjusted the marketplace accordingly. The Uniq marketplace will be the home for all “digital goods” within the platform. This can include exclusive NFTs for Ultra and or future games directly. Currently there are Ultra specific NFTs and a few soon to be released game specific NFTs. Some of the Ultra “power collection” NFTs come with permanent perks and utility for the entirety of the Ultra ecosystem.

The marketplace allows for easy purchasing and selling of these NFTs creating a marketplace much like Opensea but specific to Ultra and gaming. The future roadmap aims to allow users to modify NFTs and add metadata to their code potentially having them evolve with certain achievements etc. Referral codes will be enabled which can be used to receive NFTs, passes, discounts. These will also be useable by streamers or tournament holders to engage their respective communities.

Games and NFTs will have secondary resale value for users. Do remember that the UOS token will fluctuate for game prices. If a game is 60$ the amount of UOS will always reflect 60$ in UOS tokens. NFTs will be useable as avatars and profile pictures for all users. Perhaps best of all the marketplace will have built in discovery pathways that make it easier for users to find what they are interested in. This will also benefit developers making it easier to find their target audience  [2]. Ultra is also working on a Chrome extension for their existing wallet technology.

Screen Shot Ultra UOS Marketplace
Ultra UOS Marketplace

Newest Partnerships

One of the larger partnerships that Ultra has achieved is with Swissborg. Swissborg supports the Agora application which focuses on integrating decentralized finance with video games. [Agora] will be powered by Ultra, and Swissborg brings almost 700,000 users to the table. Agora provides a cross-chain swapping protocol, a central identity using wallet addresses, and a gaming launchpad. All three of these areas will be greatly beneficial to Ultra. Users will be able to swap into UOS tokens from many chains, and games will be able to launch through Agora and easily integrate with Ultra.

Another perk of the Swissborg partnership is their gaming guild Xborg. Xborg aims to be come a large Esports organization that focuses on Web3 and crypto innovation. This will tie in the streamer/tournament side directly into Ultra creating a mutually beneficial relationship between the two companies. All it takes is one popular game and Xborg already has the professional gamers who could stream on twitch or within the Ultra application bringing in more users.

Ultra has partnered with Elysium, a future free-to-play game with strategy elements but highly differentiated from Heathstone and the like [3]. Elysium will highly integrate their game token into the game incentivizing users to play. The Elysium token LOE will be needed to enter tournaments, it will be used for referral rewards, esports betting, the purchase of card packs, increasing hero levels when they reach enough experience, and more.

As we move into the next quarter, games will begin their launches and if you check out Ultra’s twitter page there are dozens of games in development. Elysium is just one example which we will cover soon. Knowing that Ultra vows to provide a user-friendly experience to developers, while also not gouging them on distribution fees, we have been bullish on the project for quite some time. Before the Bullmarket ended the project provided a 400% gain to those who read our prime article. Please remember none of this is financial advice, stay safe out there!

[1] https://ultra.io/

[2] https://ultra.io/articles/156-2/the-uniq-marketplace-launches-to-the-public-on-the-29th-of-august

[3] https://legendsofelysium.io/

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