Two Gaming/NFT Tokens For Today 12/12/21

This article contains a brief review and thesis for two tokens we have been watching. One token is a relatively safer gaming pick available on Coinbase. The second token you will need to have Metamask ready to go.

Gala Games

The first pick is a gaming token some of our early signal group had mentioned and were invested in. I did not own Gala, but I am happy for the gains they made when it was announced the token was coming to Coinbase. Gala can now be purchased directly on Coinbase, and Binance for non-American users. Gala can be purchased on Ethereum, but also on the cheaper to use Binance smart chain. We have guides on our site for setting up Metamask, and also a guide for getting funds onto Binance Smart chain if you need them. I do not yet own GALA but was looking to start DCAing potentially today.

Gala Games is a blockchain based gaming studio that is building an ecosystem of play to earn video games. Their focus is on making games that are fun and engaging, many play to earn games are rather boring and repetitive. Companies that can make truly fun and engaging games, that also bring incentives to the player will create incredible value for users. The interesting part for the gamers is that they get to truly own their in-game items through NFT technology. These items can be held long-term and or traded, and they are all usable. Gala states that the “community rules” since they take community feedback for all games and development seriously[1]. Gala is run by community nodes with over 23,000 nodes online today, this is tremendously decentralized, 16,000 of these nodes are from the players themselves.

Gala has an arena brawler involving tanks where players can mix and match tank parts to create unique tanks. This game also has land sales where owners can collect fees when their individual arena is used. The have a game Townstar, that is a mix of Stardew Valley, Rollercoaster Tycoon, and Farmville. Townstar incentivizes players to farm efficiently and build a town for in game tokens to buy better items. Gala also has an RPG, tower defense and 4x space strategy game in the works. Having this many games either in Beta or under development to release soon is great for a future use case. This also makes Gala less risky than investing in a single game crypto, similar to our theory with UOS and Ultra.

Gala Crypto Tradingview

Gala Thesis

As discussed in our UOS review [Ultra], we pointed out just how massive the gaming industry has become. According to this [article] the gaming market will be worth 550 Billion in the coming 5-7 years. Now this metric only includes companies we hear about that are not directly involved in crypto gaming at this time. This makes me believe that the market could be even larger, especially since the Metaverse is becoming such a large topic. Metaverse, NFTs and Gaming will be interconnected as time goes on. If we follow the hype on Axie Infinity we will notice that it pumped during a Bitcoin bear trend, GALA is poised to have a second leg upward while BTC is boring. I predict GALA will dominantly overtake AXIE as the largest gaming play in the marketplace. GALA has more than one functional game today, the games are more fun than AXIE in its current state. GALA also has several games coming forward including an RPG and a tower defense, both of which are perfect game styles for play to earn/collect. GALA saw a nice cool off after its launch on Coinbase and is setting up higher highs and higher lows as we speak. I drew a very simple triangle I am watching play out on the 4 hour chart. GALA also appears to be printing what looks like a bull flag vs. Ethereum. I encourage you to check out the games and see how enjoyable they are and imagine people making money while having a good time, not financial advice of course.

Curate (XCUR)

Curate and their token XCUR is a project focusing on bringing ease of use to the blockchain based NFT market. Curate can be purchased on Ethereum, BSC, or Solana, it also recently was added to Kucoin. Curate has brought a gasless (no transaction fee) NFT marketplace with a simple and intuitive interface, it even has a working mobile app. I first got into Curate in March and have been dollar cost averaging any time the token is near or below 2$. Yesterday I added a fair amount to my allocation because I feel like it is about to pump in price. Curate has created a peer-to-peer marketplace where users can trade NFTs and or create their own for sale. Curate allows for a modifiable 4% commission rate decided by the seller. Both buyers and sellers can accumulate XCUR rewards by participating in the marketplace. Users can pay in XCUR, other crypto assets, or a credit card.

Curate XCUR cross chain NFTs

Early this year Curate solidified a partnership with Moonbeam, we are VERY bullish on Moonbeam (and Moon River). Moonbeam is essentially a faster and cheaper Ethereum built on Polkadot. Curate has also created their own stable coin USDXC, when selling an NFT users can take profit into a non-volatile, dollar-based cryptocurrency. Curate is already integrated into Ethereum, and the Solana test net is live. They plan to integrate into most popular smart-contract ecosystems including Polygon, Avalanche, DOT, and BSC. When I first started buying the token the marketplace was not even in its test net and much of the roadmap was empty. But after checking in week after week, every single item on the roadmap is being completed in a timely fashion.

The app is simple to use and you can even mint a personal NFT right on your phone for free! Curate recently added staking, and the more XCUR you hold they better your APR. Holders can also use their XCUR on Travala. They also have partnered with Expedia for crypto purchases and []for amazon, eBay, Home Depot, and Walmart purchases.

Curate XCUR initial token allocation Whitepaper


XCUR is pretty beaten (down 75%) from its all-time-high as many low cap tokens are. Since August, we are seeing a higher low and higher high on the weekly and daily chart. XCUR has a much higher upside than low side at this price. With a market cap of 20 million, and similar projects closing on 500 million (OGN is one example) the sky is the limit. XCUR has exceptional initial token allocations. XCUR has a fixed supply at 8.5 million, they decided to burn 15% in 2020 where they previously had 10 million. Only 1.3% of the tokens were a private sale, and 1.2% for the project treasury. A small allocation was reserved for a whitelist of liquidity providers on Uniswap also. The other almost 80% is left for staking rewards and circulating supply for trading and purchases of NFTs. Watching the Curate team fill the roadmap with the promises they have made is building trust with their community. The soon to come Theta integration, along with a tiered utility model will create hype. Curate is working towards on chain governance, creating their own metaverse gaming project, and a mobile fractionalized NFT exchange. Fractionalization of NFTs could be a massive driver towards mass adoption. This would allow users to have partial ownership of blue-chip NFTs that are simply too expensive for the masses. Please remember to use caution and do your own research when investing in low market cap tokens such as XCUR. If you decide to get involved, only invest what you are willing to lose, or a low percentage weight of your total portfolio. Always do your own research and stay safe out there!

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