Top 6 Altcoins to Watch for 2023

This article reviews 6 altcoins we have been watching, we expect all 6 to perform well over the next 2-3 years. If you have read our other articles, we have discussed these projects several times over the past few years.

Altcoins: The Six

A great primer article from MoC discusses stalking projects for several months before deciding to buy [article]. I prefer to call this “watch listing”. Below you will see some familiar networks as well as a two that are not so often mentioned in the mainstream. The first four networks have survived several bear market cycles and have emerged as fundamental leaders in the space. The final two are more speculative and increase in risk the lower their market cap.

6 altcoins to watch 2023
6 altcoins Custom Watchlist Coingecko

1.The first on the list is Polygon Network and the MATIC token. Matic is probably our most mentioned network on the site, we have been investing in, swing trading, and using the network for years. Polygon is the king of partnerships in the space and recently overtook Binance Smart Chain for 30-day transaction volume according to [source]. Polygon has expanded to Adidas, Nike, Stripe, Reddit, Starbucks, Meta, Disney, Robinhood and Draft Kings to name a few.

Polygon is an easy chain to transact upon and users can now send native MATIC tokens directly to the layer-2 network from most large exchanges. Layer-2 networks allow users to have Ethereum compatibility and user-interface but with faster transactions and cheaper fees. Many of our favorite projects are built on Polygon making it easy to dollar-cost-average right on the blockchain without worry from centralized exchanges.

2. The second altcoin is Avalanche Network and the AVAX token. Avalanche also boasts Ethereum compatibility but has its own solution for scaling which does not rely on a layer-2 network. Avalanche solves this problem through subnets which provide infinite scalability over time. Avalanche has also been focusing on nailing down real world and regulated use cases to bring blockchain technology to the masses.

Avalanche also provides a pleasant user experience with a wide variety of potential projects building on it. Avalanche much like Polygon strives to bring blockchain gaming to the masses and the subnet technology quite possibly could be the answer. Check out our articles on Avalanche for more information.

3. Another project we have covered to great extent is Cosmos and the ATOM token. Cosmos differs from the rest on the list as its focus is on interoperability rather than smart contracts. Cosmos aims to become an internet of connected blockchains. Their revolutionary technology allows builders to code in a variety of languages from the ground up which allows for less time consuming transfer of code between chains. Any network building on Cosmos is automatically compatible with the other chains on the network. You would be surprised how many popular blockchains were built using Cosmos Below is just the first 8 of more than 70 chains today.

6 Altcoins Cosmos Ecosystem

4. The fourth altcoin is Near Protocol and the Near token. We like Near because it uses the same coding language as the once dominating Solana Network. We have predicted many Solana developers frustrated with the frequent downtime and venture capitalist manipulation of the network will flock to Near. Near also adds a unique block space strategy to their token economy.

Users will require Near tokens for storage on the blockchain which adds more utility and a potential price driving force over time. Near also provides 30% of all transaction fees directly to the developers of the contracts. The Near wallet itself is both a crypto address and a smart contract [1]. Near also holds a whiteboard series which helps beginners and experts alike better understand blockchain technology.

5. Fantom Network and the FTM token is a bit more speculative than the previous 4 projects. I will admit I have dollar-cost-averaged the entire bear market heavily into the project because I like the technology and fundamentals. FTM technically is not a blockchain, it is known as a DAG, or “Directed Acyclic Graph”. This technology allows for multiple simultaneous connections between multiple contracts, this technology does not utilize blocks [2]. FTM previously had some of the most favorable value locked to market cap ratios in the entire industry before the market collapse.

Fantom FTM crypto
6 Altcoins FTM Fantom

DAGs are potentially more well suited for scaling and fee reduction due to their architecture. DAGs also use almost no energy relative to other technologies in the crypto market. FTM is Ethereum compatible from the ground up this allows users to integrate the ever popular Metamask with familiarity.

6. The final network, and also most risky potential investment is Oasis Network and the ROSE token. Oasis is a privacy focused blockchain that aims to monetize data through various applications. As an example, a trader can make a custom data tracker assisting in trading a specific asset. The more people that utilize this data set, the more the creator gets paid. Currently only the giants are able to monetize data sets (Google, Amazon etc). This will empower users to monetize and build meaningful and real-world products.

To remain transparent, we do dollar-cost-average this entire list because we believe in the fundamentals of each network. Always remember to do your own research and none of this is financial advice.

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