The CoinBusters Team:

Justin Mckennon – Co-Founder

Justin Mckennon is a co-founder of CoinBusters. Justin is an engineer and scientist with a graduate degree in Electrical Engineering. He has experience analyzing aerospace, national defense, space programs, and electromagnetics. Justin taught himself how to code in highschool. He has become a software specialist within the engineering world by creating & using software that solves real world problems.

Justin first entered the world of crypto through mining Bitcoin back in 2014. He then focused his efforts on mining Ethereum. Using his unique technical skillset, Justin has become an expert in the Decentralized Finance markets, ecosystem analysis, and digital asset economics. Justin is passionate about self-custody and bringing power to the everyday investor. Outside of crypto, he spends his time golfing, and hanging out with his wife and two kids.

Patrick O’Neil

Patrick O’Neil – Co-Founder

Patrick O’Neil is a co-founder of CoinBusters. Patrick is an avid technology and gaming enthusiast. Patrick taught himself how to assemble computers in 2010 and was always fascinated with the gaming market. In 2019 he decided to sell his grayscale Ethereum funds and dive into the world of crypto firsthand. Patrick holds a degree in Premed/Psychology from Bridgewater University where he was a teaching assistant and tutor. Patrick received a second degree in Nursing at American International College, he is now a Nurse Manager at a local hospital.

Using his experience as a lifelong student, he has become the main content creator for Coinbusters. Patrick specializes in layer-1 as well as blockchain gaming analysis. He believes people will continue to play video games regardless of the direction of the crypto market. Outside of crypto, Patrick is an avid distance runner and enjoys playing guitar and cooking.