2 Metaverse & Gaming Networks: Vulcan Forged & Wilder World

This article discusses two tokens we have been bullish on for multiple years. We believe both tokens are attractive in the short-term as well as the long-term. Wilder World (WILD) is a small market cap metaverse project, while Vulcan Forged (PYR) is a decentralized game studio offering an ecosystem of games.

Metaverse and Gaming lags the Market

Over the past month or so many narratives have been providing massive gains for those who bought in before the hype. Trends such as Artificial Intelligence, Liquid Staking, ZK tech, and the Fantom ecosystem have exploded. The biggest winners are those who averaged into these categories before the massive volume upswing. Not all narratives are great long-term holds, but we have always believed that gaming will onboard massive amounts of retail investors into crypto. All it takes is one simple and fun/addictive game, even on a mobile device to bring millions of new users into the crypto markets.

Gaming is just starting a potential pump now. We believe we are very early to this phenomenon and have been watch listing projects for months. For transparencies sake, we do own both of the network tokens we will discuss and have averaged in small amounts over time. The key to trading narratives and market category cycles is to predict the flow of the next hyped trend. Another way to play the narrative is to average into a basket of tokens in multiple narratives and hold tight. Not everything is going to pump all at once, and the whole thesis drops for short-term profits if Bitcoin decides to dump.

metaverse and gaming vulcan forged pyr
Vulcan Forged: Metaverse and Gaming

Gaming: Vulcan Forged (PYR)

From a risk to reward perspective, Vulcan Forged is our number one gaming pick. Rather than investing in a single game, the PYR token allows speculators to benefit from an entire studio of gaming products. Vulcan forged is a gaming focused NFT marketplace, a game studio and a decentralized application incubator. Today the ecosystem has over 10 games, a community of over 20,000 and a high volume NFT marketplace [1].

The marketplace is cross chain featuring Polygon, Binance Smart Chain and Vechain which is popular in Asian countries. The marketplace already has over 110,000 users, with millions of dollars in market volume. The network boasts its own dex which allows swapping of all ecosystem assets and popular network tokens that are integrated into the chains listed above. Users can trade, earn yield, provide liquidity and more.

Vulcan Forged: Metaverse and Gaming
Vulcan Forged: Metaverse and Gaming

Vulcan Forged also has an advanced NFT marketplace known as Agora which is seeing rising volumes and user adoption. With a single log-in users can access “MyForge” which gives immediate, user-friendly access PYR, Lava an ecosystem token, Ethereum and Matic. This also gives access to the 10+ games that the team has built over the years. The games range from an MMO, Tower defense, strategic card game, survival shooter and more. All of this vast ecosystem is tied together with the PYR token which provides vast utility. Users will need PYR to buy and sell in the marketplace, and to stake and farm. In order to build a decentralized application, a certain amount of PYR will need to be held long-term. Those who stake the PYR token will receive a portion of the overall ecosystem fees. Fees are accrued on all marketplaces and when NFTs are upgraded.

In the future we will critically analyze the PYR token, but we have already created our thesis which guides us to adding PYR to our portfolio. Their second token LAVA is the lifeblood of the entire ecosystem, it is earned through playing the games Vulcan Forged has created. Lava is needed to upgrade NFTs and land, to purchase in game consumables, enter tournaments and more. View LAVA as similar to gold in World of Warcraft except the user gets to keep it regardless of being banned from the game or stopping playing. While not financial advice, it is clear we are VERY bullish on PYR and the Vulcan Forged networks.

Wilder World: Metaverse and Gaming
Wilder World: Metaverse and Gaming

Metaverse: Wilder World (WILD)

Wilder World is a slightly riskier play and offers NFT/Metaverse & Gaming exposure all in one. There are several ways to gain exposure to the diverse ecosystem that Wilder World is building. There are multiple NFT collections ranging from Cars, Shoes, Pets, Land, Houses and more. Wild World begins with a decentralized NFT marketplace for artists. This marketplace has no fees, and WILD token holders can gain fragmented ownership over the protocols by holding the tokens.

Users can earn WILD buying and selling, accomplishing tasks and the token doubles for governance purposes. I highly recommend you check out the Metaverse teaser they have created [here]. The team aims to create a vast world where everything is digitized in the form of owned assets such as NFTs and digital asset tokens. Customizable characters will drive cars which they own as an NFT after leaving their in game-house which is also an NFT. These assets will be tradeable and some will be scarce potentially providing immense value.

Wilder World also provides another product known as Zero. Zero is a social media platform that allows for the creation and management of decentralized virtual worlds. This platform allows any person or group to create their own decentralized autonomous organization and grow it too. Wilder World is partnering other large impending Metaverse projects such as Iluvium and Revv Motorsports. There is a possible integration where users will be able to seamlessly jump between games and worlds with their NFTs.

Instead of cross-chain users will be cross metaverse , cross game. The network effect of such a system is so massive it becomes challenging to imagine how large it could become. There is a saying that humans tend to overshoot what a company can do in a year, but massively undercut what a company/network can do in a decade. Regardless, we have begun our DCA into the WILD token in a risk-adjusted manner, meaning small nibbles over-time. In the future we will analyze the WILD token economy and compare it to competitors. Check out our token/stock analysis section [here] for free research based articles. Remember, always do your own research, these articles are opinions, not financial advice. Stay safe!

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