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Terra LUNA: I just sold some of my beloved Cardano, my first ADA sale. This ADA has been moved into the LUNA crypto token, here is why.

October 5, 2021

Why I sold Some Cardano

If you have read some of my recent articles you will know that I use Cardano as my risk hedge over Ethereum. My belief is that I do this to hopefully outperform Ethereum, but maintain some level of crash resistance when the market is red. Cardano has held up amazingly during the last two big crashes this year. Cardano carries a massive weight in my portfolio, nearly 30% at the time of this writing, I have decided to practice what I preach by taking profits, and diversifying. I have added Terra’s LUNA token to my crypto portfolio. I still have a comfortable amount of Cardano Staking in the Daedalus wallet, while exposing myself to larger potential gains in the short term.

Terra (LUNA) and UST

Terra protocol is a powerful blockchain built within the Cosmos blockchain. Cosmos is a project I also recently added to the portfolio, Terra was a major factor with that investment. A link for our Cosmos article can be found [here]. One of the main fears that newer investors carry when diving into crypto is the history of massive volatility. I can’t blame them, as I myself have had to stomach incredible losses on paper multiple times, it frightens even the most seasoned investors. Terra Protocol aims to solve this problem in a unique way that is gaining massive traction. LUNA token has an elastic supply solution involving another token, UST (Terra US Dollar). In other writings I have mentioned that algorithmic stable coins might be the answer to the Tether FUD we have seen of late. The fear of regulation regarding dollar-pegged crypto has been widespread because many stable coins are not backed by real American dollars.

Terra’s Anchor Protocol allows users with LUNA token to temporarily burn their LUNA in exchange for UST. When these tokens are burned the supply is reduced, increasing the price of the LUNA token. Once these UST stable coins are collected, users can generate yield of approximately 19.5% APY. Now this is approximately 90% greater yield than the average return of the SP500, a very big deal. Users can also burn UST back into LUNA if they wish. This deal has become more attractive with recent inflation reports and the insane money printing we saw last year. Anchor comes with no minimum deposits, no fear of account freezes, and no signups[1]. Massive institutions are practically begging for a low-risk opportunity to keep their billions of dollars from decaying. If this protocol were to keep this same yield it would outperform all retirement funds every created.

Terra LUNA crypto: https://quoteddata.com/2021/06/qd-view-is-property-still-a-good-hedge-against-inflation/

Mirror Protocol

Mirror Protocol allows users to purchase tokens that are pegged to real world assets. Much like stable coins, users can buy synthetic trackers for popular stocks, and commodities such as gold. The minting process is what makes this so unique. Issuers of an asset must lock up 150% the value of a said asset as collateral. Asset prices are fed by decentralized price oracles every 30 seconds. Using this process, purchasers can gain access to stocks they normally could not buy. As an example, an investor from another country wants to buy a particular American Index fund that is not offered in their home country. Mirror protocol can be used for nearly any asset that is available for trade.

Columbus 5 Upgrade

Perhaps the most bullish upgrade on Terra is the Columbus 5 upgrade. With this upgrade, Terra adds a burning mechanism to reduce the overall supply, bullish for price. This adds burning of the small fees collected when burning LUNA to create UST and vice versa. Since Terra’s treasury (4-billion-dollar value) has become so large they have added this mechanism to help reduce the supply. This is possibly the largest treasury of any protocol within the crypto space. The second upgrade provided during Columbus 5 is the integration of the Cosmos IBC. This allows true and efficient interoperability between blockchains, savings time, and money. The IBC functions by allowing all blockchains to coexist within a single hub, tokens will be able to move freely between chains without multiple swaps to complete a single order. The final upgrade that has been implemented is the Ozone insurance protocol. Ozone is a decentralized insurance protocol run by governance, investors insure each other and the Terra ecosystem.

LUNA also offers nearly 10% APY for staking, staking is a must for any larger weight asset. Luna can be staked within the [Terra Station] wallet. It is important to note that LUNA takes 22 days to release the tokens from staking.

Terra LUNA crypto: https://fynnlikesluna.medium.com/terra-luna-updates-31-may-6-june-weekly-terra-report-e5952294ee34


I believe that by selling 25% of my Cardano, I will achieve at least double the gains holding LUNA instead. Terra provides an avenue for more wealthy investors to capitalize on their depreciating dollars. With the addition of burning mechanisms, interoperability optimization, and insurance, I am bullish on LUNA. The same way I aim to outperform Ethereum with every token, I am aiming to outperform my beloved Cardano with this trade. LUNA has just broken out of a cup and handle formation, BTC is pushing resistance at 49,000$, the upside is potentially enormous. As always this is a calculated bet, I try to practice what I preach. Take profit, diversify your assets, and always form an investor thesis before buying a new token. This is not financial advice, but I hope this article has been helpful to you and your crypto journey. Thank you.

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