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Please be aware we are upgrading our website. This should enhance the user experience on the web and mobile.

Website Upgrade

Coinbusters is currently undergoing a massive website rework. This upgrade will streamline our content, and enhance the user experience. With this update we plan on making all our content free, including our previous prime research content. Free, quality educational resources and research will help break down the barrier to entry for this emerging market. We want all of our readers to be able to access our articles focusing on staying safe in the market, asset reviews, and in depth analysis. In the coming months we will be announcing our partnership with a game studio we have integrated with. Coinbusters will continue to be a premier, and easily accessible hub for crypto and digital asset information. 

We want to thank our prime subscribers who stuck with us during our launch and first year of content creation. We would also like to thank those who helped grow our signal chat, facebook, twitter, and linked in. Thank you to all of our readers from wherever you may reside. Remember crypto is global! In the future we are looking to hold more in person events (we held 3 last year), podcasts, and potentially a youtube channel. Our website is slated to be fully functional within the next 30 days.