Oasis Network: New Meta Partnership

This article briefly describes the Meta and Oasis Network partnership. Oasis is one the more interesting smaller layer-1 networks we have covered.

What’s the deal with Kava Network?

This article introduces the Kava Network, a layer-1 blockchain that integrates Ethereum and Cosmos. Cosmos brings an unprecedented level of interoperability to blockchain networks.

Evmos: Ethereum on Cosmos

This article introduces Evmos which is an Ethereum virtual machine built with the Cosmos developer toolkit. The Cosmos advantages are discussed and explained in simple terms.

AAVE Liquidity Protocol: A Leader in Defi

This article introduces the AAVE liquidity protocol and the associated AAVE token. AAVE is one of the leaders of decentralized finance (defi) and continues to thrive during this downward market.

Leverage: The Plague of all Markets

This article explains how leverage has played a key role in destroying both crypto, and traditional markets. Credit is a double-edged sword and should be avoided by all but the most sophisticated traders/investors.

Near Protocol: A Solana Competitor

Near protocol is in direct competition for developers with the Solana protocol. Near has a similar infrastructure to Solana, and brings high speeds and low costs, providing a great entry environment for enthusiasts and developers alike.

What is a Crypto Validator?

This article explains what a digital asset validator is, and what incentives are provided to validators for the long-term. Validators are imperative to the operation of many popular networks.

Whats up with Optimism?

This article explains the hype over Optimism and their new token OP. Optimism is a layer-2 network designed to help increase the efficiency of Ethereum, while maintaining the security Ethereum is famous for.