What is Moon River (MOVR)?

Moon River and the MOVR token are potentially highly undervalued, you can move your Ethereum assets to a cheaper and more usable chain. This article explains what problems Moon River aims to solve.

Introduction: Avalanche Network (AVAX)

One of my favorite ways to trade uses tokens compared to Bitcoin or Ethereum as a ratio. Using this strategy, I have added Avalanche (AVAX) for massive potential gains this quarter.

What is Cryptocurrency and Why is it Important

Cryptocurrency is one-hundred percent digital money, not far different from the digital forms of the money we already use today via debit cards, credit cards, and bank transfers. Cryptocurrency is becoming more important every week.

Bitcoin Supply Shock

One thing that separates crypto from the stock market is the transparent on chain metrics. On chain metrics are there for all to see, the on-chain data for Bitcoin is far more bullish than the current sentiment reveals.

Dogecoin The Social Token

Dogecoin has rapidly increased in popularity over the last year. Any crypto investor can easily recognize that smiling Shiba Inu, whether they invest in Doge or not.

Info Series: Stable Coins

Stablecoins represent a unique sector of the crypto industry. By definition, they don’t move in value (stable), but what are they used for?

NFTs Explained

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are one-of-a-kind or digitally unique assets. The most common example currently involves limited edition digital art and collectibles.


Polkadot’s main network and parachain auctions are nearing their launch date. Polkadot has the potential to make a major impact in the crypto space.

What is Origin Protocol?

Origin protocol is aiming to build various decentralized marketplaces for popular real-world applications by eliminating the middleman and large business entities.