Is Solana the new hub for NFTS?

This article focuses on how Solana might be the new hub for mainstream NFTs. Solana although less secure than Ethereum boasts fasters speeds and highly reduced fees.

Ethereum Triple Halving Explained

This article contains an explanation focusing on the impending “triple halving” for the Ethereum Network. This is a large part of why Coinbusters is so interested in Ethereum as a macro investment.

Major Updates for Avalanche Network

This article goes over the impending updates on the Avalanche Network. Avalanche has long since been one of our favorite networks, and for good reason.

Introduction to Moonbeam (GLMR)

Moonbeam is labeled as the easiest on ramp for the Polkadot ecosystem. Moonbeam is the Ethereum of the Polkadot blockchain, and one of the most important projects for the network.

Introduction to Solana

This article explains what Solana is, and compares it to the second largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum. Solana is still technically in the Beta phase but has grown massively over the past year.

Growth Portfolio for 2022 (All on Coinbase/PRO)

This is a free article showing a safer strategy we believe will be successful for 2022. This is about as “safe” and risk averse as we tend to go, there are safer opportunities, but we like to weigh risk vs. reward.

Chainlink (LINK) King of Oracles

This is a real time analysis of how I look at opportunities in the crypto market. Chainlink has consolidated since May, only recently has it shown some upward movement. Chainlink appears to be undervalued based on how integrated it has become in all crypto ecosystems.

Startup Series: Tranquil Finance

DeFi has completely changed the way people invest. Harmony’s blockchain, until now, had been bereft of really allowing users to deploy their collateral and earn rewards. Enter Tranquil Finance. As with anything, low market cap projects will be volatile and carry a lot of risk, but based on its roadmap it’s really promising.

What is Moon River (MOVR)?

Moon River and the MOVR token are potentially highly undervalued, you can move your Ethereum assets to a cheaper and more usable chain. This article explains what problems Moon River aims to solve.