CoinBusters is a modern take on the world of cryptocurrency. Our goal is to share the lessons we’ve learned and how we are navigating the world of cryptocurrency through this site. Every generation has their great wealth transfer opportunity. In the 1980’s it was the dawn of the internet. In the 1990’s it was the .com era. In the 2000’s we had social media and online shopping. In the 2010’s we had tech. Now – it’s cryptocurrency. It may seem scary and complex, but it’s not, and it’s a tremendous way to grow your wealth as a part of a balanced portfolio.

Unlike most websites, CoinBusters isn’t here to bore you with tech information you don’t need, or unbiased takes. We’re unapologetically straightforward with what we like and don’t like, and we strive to provide you, the reader, with the know-how to actually use the information we provide as part of your research when buying/selling/using cryptocurrency.